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Family history and one-name studies

A one-name study can broadly be defined as the collection of data relating to given surname with the aim of determining:

  • The origins of the name
  • How it has spread from these origins
  • How variants in spelling may have arisen
  • The current worldwide geographical distribution

This can also lead to discovering more about individual family trees; indeed for many one-namers studying more unusual surnames the goal is to trace these trees back to one or more common ancestors. A further aim is the placing of these families in their historical context, discovering if there are any famous (or infamous) occurences of the name.

There are over 17,000 Hammonds in the 1881 census alone, which puts it firmly in the 'large' category. A paradox arises here, as although identifying individual lines is important, it is possible to draw certain conclusions based on more general data, such as the 1881 census already mentioned, without the immediate need to painstakingly cross-check and verifiy sources for individuals.

The general approach

My own approach to this is to carry out the analysis in the background, using the origins and distribution pages, whilst compiling tentative family trees as a way of involving and providing some value to visitors. As I add to the family trees, initially by trawling through the census returns, I am hoping that people will contact me with corrections and additions based on their own more detailed and informed research - it is also an alternative way to let others know you are connected to a certain family (for an example see William Sidney Lawrence Hammond, my own great-grandfather).

It is worth mentioning that where no source is stated, the source can be assumed to be the census returns, which are readily verifiable. I will attempt to reference other sources where appropriate.

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